Thursday, August 28, 2008

Page after page of pages

It feels good to put a pen to horrible writing again. I'm not sure what college this is from, but it was one of the submissions I had in my inbox from forever ago. I looked through some of the other submissions briefly and could see I had some other website-worthy writing, so check back next week for more.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

One Last Hurrah?

Hello everyone. Sorry it's been so long. A few things:

1) As is obvious, I'm not able to maintain this site as I used to. A key component of writing a site about fishbowl papers is being able to get papers at the fishbowl. While I still live in Ann Arbor, I'm not able to get over to the fishbowl anymore.

2) If you wish to reach me, the best way to reach me is by leaving a comment. If you have submissions, email them to the address at right and then leave a comment saying you've done so.

3) It has been a long time since I checked my fishbowl email address

That being said, however, upon checking my email for this site, I found I had a decent number of submissions waiting for me (10-15). I'm going to read these over and see if there's something that will be worthy of posting online.

I really miss doing this site. Perhaps we can get it started again. At the very least, let's see if we can get a few papers up before this site just becomes a bad paper archive.