Friday, March 16, 2007

I leave something of my own behind.

In a rather ironic moment, I left behind something at the fishbowl. Dan of Electric Countrpoint found it.

He writes in this blog entry:
I note with satisfaction that apparently Mr. or Ms. Fishbowl scans his or her work right here at Angell Hall, not five feet from the front desk of what is certainly his or her most fanbase. My deducing skills aren't revealing any more clues about the mysterious author, but I'll keep the evidence just in case.

Actually, considering the (more or less) love that we Fishbowl consultants have for AHFB, maybe I'll make a little trophy plaque and hang it in the break room...

My work now hangs in a place of honor right next to some Bruegger's Bagels coupons.